My dear little Angel, it is with great pain that mommy only now have the  courage to deal with your passing away at the 17 of June 2009. Mommy could only open your lead in the envelope that came back from the specialist today!!!

Your stay with us was just a pleasure and however you were such a sick baby we loved you dearly. We tried to make the home for you as comf0rtable as possible so that you do not get hurt.  Mika and Kito loved you dearly and they know that they must care for you.

You were only two months with us when we realised you had such bad entropion and ppm. Mommy pormised you I took you to the best specialist for the entropion operation, but it was so servere that nothing help. then also the PPM, which caused blind spots on your eyes.

Mommy had no option I had to take you to the knee and elbow specialist because of the pain in your legs......... and then YOU  DID NOT COME BACK TO MOMMY. The specialist and I were worried from the beginning about your muzzle and he took extra care, but you got a heart atttack because I quoate : The first significant abnormality that was found was eversion of the laryngeal ventricles.  There is so much more found with the post mortem

The worst is that Mommy did not hold you when you died.  We will never forget you and we miss you every night in front of the fridge for your piece of cheese.

My heart will never heal !!!!!!!!! Althouh all the nasty things that went on after your death. I would just beg breeders to be carefull when breeding and be there for their buyers

But all this will never heal the emptiness in my heart. Mommy know you are in doggies heaven, because you had the greatest personality.

The only piece in my mind is that God took you because of your suffering, Mommy would not be able to put you down my baby !!!!!!!


 LOVE YOU MY BABY!!!!!!!!!










 L & A  Goodtymes Star Struck at Orientaldream (imp Spain)

bred by Luis & Angela Arenas Lopez (Spain & USA)

Red Bitch born 9 November 2007


Angie is our little TEDDY BEAR, we just want to kiss her all the time. 

                      WE LOVE HER DEARLY!!!!!!!!!!!


 Angie at  Open Shows:

1/5/2008 : Puppy Group 2nd and Reserve Best of Breed

9/3/2008 : Reserve Best Baby Puppy in Show and 4th Best Puppy in Show