My visit to Goodtymes in Spain


 It took me three months to get the courage to write an e mail to Luis and Angela, asking them for a puppy.  My immediate thoughts were, these people (not knowing them), will never ever let me have one of their dogs. I just thought I am too much of a beginner and they are such well known breeders.  

 And then........ the big moment!  I received an e mail from Goodtymes!


 It is not possible to describe my feelings at that point in time. It was shock, happiness and every possible emotion one can go through.

Well, all my colleagues in the office got a fright, from the shouting and screaming. I was sooooo happy!

But , mostly I never thought, that  I will meet  such wonderful and warm hearted people thousands of kilometres from South Africa. Luis and Angela you will always be my dear friends. 

One thought that I would like to deal with everybody that read my website:

My involvement with chow chows did not just bring happiness to me, through these fury creatures but, I also made dear friends, like Luis and Angela.

 It is also because of chow chows that I learn to know Christine Farnell. Vanessa Nicolau and I also became very special friends through the chow world. Isn’t it wonderful to know that animals are your best friends, but that they also bring special friends to you?


 It was months of careful planning the trip to Spain. I was so determined that there was just no other way, I had to go. I wanted Angie.

I still hesitated a bit, until I received the first photo of Angie.

This is all with the help of Vanessa. Thank you Vanessa! You are such a special friend.

It was quite hard to leave Kevin and the two boys to cope on their own for a week, but they supported me in my big dream. Thank you guys!

When I arrived,

 ...the first thing I wanted to do was to hold Angie. I cannot explain that feeling to anybody. It was a dream that came true. I could not believe that I am so privilege to hold a chow bred by such experienced and successful breeders. The excitement in me just doubled and I planned non stop how I can, maybe, become half as good as they are.

 Every moment with Luis and Angela was a memorable experience.  They are 30 years involved  in the dog world. They shared their vast knowledge with me. They had the same outlook on breeding, which is not breeding for money but for the betterment of the breed. I was like a sponge and sometimes I was so scared that I will forget something they tell me. However, when the information became too much, I ran to my room and made notes. Just like a first year student at University.  They taught me about the breeding standard, the health of chows, handling of chows, breeding chows, whelping and lots more. I came back with so much more confidence in my dream.

 I met several of their friends, who where just as wonderful! Blanca and Juan breed with pugs and Harvi breed with bull dogs. What can you say good people attract good people? We went out a few times together and it was so interesting to learn more about the Spanish culture. I believe they are a lot more relaxed than us in South Africa. THEY KNOW HOW TO LIVE THEIR LIFES TO THE FULLEST! Thanks to Angela explaining everything in English I always felt part of the conversation and always know what to order form the menu. IT WAS FUN.

The locals and the kennels...

I was very privilege in the sense that I could stay with locals, and really live the good life in Spain. That is something you cannot have if you only go as a tourist.

 Luis and Angela care about all good dog people in Spain. They share their knowledge with all and help everybody.

Reading about my trip will maybe make you think that I exaggerate about them, but everything I say come out of the deepest of my heart?  I made friends for ever.  I sometimes miss them so much!!!

About their kennels.  Whow!!!!! It is so neat and organised. Every morning Angela gets up and does the rounds. Each and every chow child gets his or her attention with so much love and care.  At night Luis switch on the Kennel lights. What a sight.  It is beautiful!

Their dogs....!!!!! I wish I could steal all of them. Max is my favourite.  I even hugged Max. I never experienced such a wonderful temperament in chows right through the kennel.  Goodtymeschows perfected the breeding standard.

 What I found through my experience in looking for chows is that it is very difficult to find chows with strong hind legs. These chows are perfect. I could not stop looking at Shawn and Fabio`s movement.

Alli is magnificent.

 Luis and Angela stay in a little town called Montserrat. It is a peaceful and relaxing town with beautiful mountains. They have this huge property and even have goats on it. They are real animal lovers.

We went, with the train, to Valencia for a day.

 It is the third largest city in Spain. Valencia was founded by the Romans. The highlight of my visit to Valencia was the Cathedral in the centre of the ancient roman city. I saw how they successfully rerouted the Turia River from the city, due to floods in 1957. The river is now a beautiful park with huge trees. One cannot explain the beauty of the city to anybody. You have to experience it. The old buildings are beautiful and just something that we will never have in South Africa. The Spanish architectural styles are nothing else than magnificent art. Europe is just so rich in history. Valencia was in the olden days a small town with two entrances with a wall built around it. There are still some remains of the gates and the wall.



The Spanish food is delicious.  Although I did not always know what I was eating I enjoyed every meal.  I loved the potatoes. Spaniards eat their lunch between 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon serving as their main meal. A typical lunch will have several courses. It is also very typical to drink wine with your meal, and the wines in Spain are very good.


 My goodbye at the airport the night of my departure was with lots of tears. I just wish Spain were not so far away so that I could go there more often.

Luis and Angela you have to come visit in South Africa. I can never return what you have done for me, but would like to do something for you guys. You are friends forever.