Kimekai Yung Tsin CGC

Certified: HD22   ED 22   Patellar luxation Grade 1   No Entropian


You came from very far away to me. The first night you arrived the two of us fell in love. You were so special and nobody will ever understand the love that was between us. Nothing can fill the emptyness left in my heart.


 Tryst - Yung Tsin translated from Chinese to English means “Braveheart” – he came back from abroad and is an ambassador for so many chow chows worldwide. Tryst arrived at us so fearful, but through lots of love he became confident again and contributes to so much fun in our home. He is the boss of the Jackes household !!!!


Tryst enjoying summer in our lovely garden


Tryst is dad to 7 children ...

2 babies in Canada... 5 babies in South Africa...

OrientalDream Braveheart - multi Best puppy in Breed,multi CC and RCC winner at championship shows...Reserve Puppy of the Year (Chow Chow Ckub)

OrientalDream Yung Tsin Shadow - Best of Breed, Reserve Best of Breed,multi Best Puppy in Breed at Open Shows...

OrientalDream Yung Tsin Dreamer & OrientalDream Taylor Made - enjoying a pampered life!

OrientalDream A Dream Begins - Multi Winners Dog and Best Puppy in Breed & Best Puppy in Group (Qualifying shows)



Tryst at Shows ...

Open shows:

Reserve Best Puppy in Show (all breeds) aged 9 weeks before going to Canada

Best of Breed  

Reserve Best of Breed

Best Puppy in Breed  

Championship shows;

Reserve Best SA Bred in Show(group)

 Best of Winners in Canada

 Winners dog in the USA


Tryst arrived at the Jackes Family after a very tiring flight. It was a big moment for all of us, but he immediately accepted us and  we loved him from the first moment 


 Trystie Boy`s first day at his new home. He just wanted to get into the car, and what a mission to get him out. He even drove my 5 series BMW. Not bad taste at all my boy!!!!! 

 Tryst lying on top of all the groceries. It was so nice and soft mommy!!!!

Tryst introduced

back into the

South African Chow World.  


Tryst  attending his first show back in South Africa !!!!!!